Children's Sermon About Creation (Days 1-4)

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Leader: Who knows what God created?
Children: everything, the earth, the sun, the universe, the stars, animals, people (let them give a good list to get the idea that all things were created by God).
Leader: Does anyone know what God created first according to Genesis 1? (Gen. 1:3-5) It is very important that we keep everything rooted in a particular book and verse
Children: Be prepared for them to say Jesus or Angels. The correct answer is Light. Note: This is not the sun! Make that very clear to them.
Leader: What did God create on the second day? (Gen. 1:6-8)
Children: Most will not get this answer. The answer is Heaven–God created separated the waters with an expanse. That expanse is Heaven.
Leader: What did God create on the third day? (Gen. 1:9-13)
Children: They will probably be guessing at this point. God created the Earth and formed the seas. He also created plants and trees.
Leader: Now, do you know what God created on the fourth day? (Gen. 1:14-19)
Children: God created the stars, the moon, and the sun.
***Now at this point the children should be a bit confused as to how there was evening and morning without the sun and moon. If they are not confused, then ask them how there could be evening and morning without a sun or moon.
As they try to answer this question, quietly turn your Bible to Revelation 21:23 and read about how the New Heaven and the New Earth will have no need for the sun because the glory of God is its light and that the lamb (Jesus) is its lamp.
Explain that the gospel of John tells us also that Jesus is the light of the world. Read John 1:1-5 (stopping at “light shines in darkness) and explain to the children that Jesus, who is God, created everything.
***Be careful that they don’t begin to think that Jesus was the light created on Day 1. In other words, be sure they realize that Jesus was not created. He is called “light” because he illumines our lives.
To conclude this message, have the children repeat what was created on the first four days and then explain where the light came from before day 4. Finally, have them describe who Jesus is according to this story (Creator, Light, Lamb).

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