Children’s Sermon: How Things Are Made

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Purpose: Use this children’s sermon on creation to teach kids that God made the world.

Scripture: Genesis 1:1

Needed: any object and a blanket or towel to cover it (It would be most appropriate if you can explain how an object is made. It can be some food that you know how to make, some artwork, a product you can create, a souvenir from a factory tour, etc.)

Children’s Sermon

Direct the student’s attention to your covered object and say something like, I have something very neat to show you. But the neatest thing about it is that it just appeared one day. I was (doing something) one day, and all of a sudden – poof! – there it was.

(Show students your object.)

Do you believe what I told you about this object just appearing out of nowhere one day?

It would be pretty neat if this object did just appear one day, but it didn’t. (Explain how you or someone else made it.)

Now, what if I told you that the world just appeared one day without anyone making it? Would you believe me then?

The world couldn’t just appear, could it? Just like my (object), someone had to make it! And that person was God.

(Read Genesis 1:1 , quoted here in the NIV.) “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

Let’s pray to thank God for creating the world for us.

Closing Prayer

Father God, we thank You for creating the world for us to live in. Help us to remember that You made it, and that it belongs to You. Amen.

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