Children’s Sermon: The Bible is Like the Story of Someone’s Life

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Purpose: Use this children’s sermon on the Bible to teach kids that the Bible is God’s story.

Scripture: 2 Peter 1:20-21; 2 Timothy 3:16

Needed: a picture or a copy of a popular children’s book or movie, an autobiography, a Bible

Children’s Sermon

Show kids a popular book or movie and ask, Who’s the main character in this?

Are there are other characters?

If there are other characters, how do you know which one is the main character? (Because the story spends the most time talking about that character.)

(Show your Bible.)

What about the Bible? Can you name some characters in the Bible?

Who would you say is the main character in the Bible?

The Bible mentions a lot of people, but none of those people, not even Jesus, gets as much attention as the main character. The main character of the Bible is God.

It tells us how God made the world, how He led the people of Israel, how He sent Jesus to die on the cross for us, how He sent the Holy Spirit into our hearts to teach us, and how He’s going to make a new world for us to live in at the end of this one. The story of the Bible is all about God!

(Show an autobiography.)

I want to show you this book. It’s all about one person’s life. That person is the one who wrote the book. They’re telling us the story of their life.

And that’s exactly what the Bible is doing too. God is telling us His story. He used other people to write the story down, but the Bible tells us that God is the one who told people what to write (2 Peter 1:20-21). It also that God breathed, or spoke, the words He wanted people to write (2 Peter 3:16).

So, the Bible is God’s story that He wrote about Himself. Why do you think God would write a story about Himself and then give it to us?

God gave us His story, the Bible, so that we could learn about Him! So, let’s all do a good job of reading God’s story this week so that we can get to know Him a little bit better.

Closing Prayer

God, thank You for giving the story about Yourself. Help us to spend time reading it this week so that we can get to know more about You. Amen.

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