Children’s Sermon: Independence Day and Jesus’ Revolution against Sin

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Use this Independence Day children’s sermon to show kids that real freedom is that which Christ gives us.

Scripture: Romans 8:2

Needed: picture of the Revolutionary War, picture of Jesus on the cross

Children’s Sermon

Say, Independence day is this week. Who knows what Independence Day is about?

Independence Day is the day the early Americans said they weren’t going to serve the English king anymore. They were going to make their own country.

Of course, the king of England didn’t like that, so he sent soldiers to attack the Americans.

(Show your picture of the Revolutionary War.)

There was a war that the early Americans eventually won. They made their own country and didn’t have to serve the king of England ever again. We have freedom today because of what they did.

But we also have an even more important kind of freedom because of what Jesus did.

(Show your picture of Jesus on the cross.)

Jesus died to set us free sin and death. God’s rule is that anyone who sins, anyone who does something wrong, is supposed to die and go to Hell. But God doesn’t want us to die. He loves us and wants us to live forever with Him.

So, He sent Jesus to die for us. Jesus took our punishment so that when we die, we don’t have to go to Hell. Our spirits go to Heaven and then, one day, when Jesus comes back, He’ll bring our bodies back to life too. He set us free from death.

He also set us free from sin because He gave us the power to do the right things instead of doing the wrong things. If we believe in Jesus, we can always do what is right if we fight the temptation to do what is wrong.

The Apostle Paul said…

(Read Romans 8:2.)

“Through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.”

Closing Prayer

Father, we thank You for those who fought for our freedom. We thank You even more for Jesus, who gave us freedom from death and freedom from sin. Help us to live in that freedom by doing what is right and not giving in to our temptations to do wrong. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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