Children’s Sermon: Mothers’ Day – Listening Like King David

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Use this Mother’s Day children’s sermon to teach kids to show appreciation for their mothers by being more obedient.

Scripture: Genesis 3:20; Psalm 116;16

Needed: pictures of pregnant women(optional: a gift for mothers)

Children’s Sermon

Show your pictures of pregnant women and ask, What do all these women have in common?

They’re all pregnant! They’re all going to have a baby. And we all need mothers, don’t we? Our mothers carry us in their womb and give us life.

In fact, that’s why the first man named the first woman Eve.

(Read Genesis 3:20.)

“Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living.”

The name “Eve” means “living.” Adam named his wife “Eve” because he knew that she would give her children life, just our mothers gave all of us life.

But not only do our mothers give us life; they also help us all the good things in life, don’t they? What are some good things that your mothers do for you?

They take care of you and make sure you’re healthy. They help you have fun. They teach you. They tell you about God.

King David said…

(Read Psalm 116:16b.)

“I serve you just as my mother did…”

He’s saying that his mother was a good example of what it means to follow God. She probably did a lot to help him know who God is and how He wants us to live.

Our mothers give us life, and then they keep doing a lot of good things for us. I wonder what we can do for our mothers to say thank you for all the good things they do for us. (If mothers are present, ask them to call out somethings they wish their children would do. Otherwise, help students think of what their mothers might want them to do.)

One thing I bet every mother wants is for us to listen to them and not talk back when they tell us something. Our mothers do so many good things for us that we want to treat them well by doing what they ask us. We don’t want to make life difficult for them, right? We love our mothers and want them to be happy. So, let’s all listen and do what they ask us to as a thank you for all the good things they do for us.

Closing Prayer

Lord, we thank You for giving us our mothers. We thank You for making them to give us life and to give us all the good things in life too. Help us to show our love and appreciation for them by being more obedient to them. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

(If you have gifts for mothers, have the children take them to them now.)

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