Christmas Reflections on the Nativity & Children's Ministry

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I love the Christmas season.  We get to decorate our house and set up our nativity to celebrate the coming of our Lord and savior.  Every time I hold a newborn baby, I think back to the first Christmas.  Can you imagine what Mary must have felt like holding the Son of God?  On one hand, He, Jesus, needed her at that moment more than He needed anything else.  His entire life (and our salvation) rested in the care of His mother, Mary.  On the other hand, Mary needed Jesus to simply live and take her next breath (Col 1:16-17).  Wow!
To think that Jesus did everything that an infant does, yet was without sin, is beyond my ability to comprehend.  To think that Jesus would leave His throne in heaven to become an infant born into this world and to live and die for our sake is almost too much to bear!  Yet, Christ did all of that for you and for me and for everyone else which is why, I pray, you are in the ministry to begin with. 
As a children’s minister, a father, a husband and a friend to many, I exhort you to reflect on Christ this Christmas.  I exhort you to share the Christ of Christmas with anyone you are able–especially the children in your church and your own family. 
We would be blessed here at Ministry to Children if you would share your reflections on the Nativity below.  God bless and Merry Christmas.

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