Classroom Supplies Checklist

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Classroom Supplies Checklist
As the new year comes, it’s a great time to make sure all of the classrooms are set up. It’s important to have supplies for your teachers so that they feel like they can complete their lessons adequately and not have to spend a lot of money out-of-pocket. Though most teachers that I know buy things for their classes and students, but it would be nice if they didn’t have to buy everything. I like to have the basic supplies in each classroom so that it will make lessons easier for the teachers. There are also things, like a clock and a cd player with cds for music, that are nice to have in each classroom. How do you know what to get for each classroom?

Ask the following questions:

  • What does a classroom need?
  • What do teachers need to have at their disposal in order to make it easier for them to teach their lessons, do basic crafts, and possibly do an “off the cuff” activity?
  • What supplies does the curriculum call for that you can already have in place?

It depends on the age of the children that use each classroom to what supplies they will use. Most supplies are universal, like paper and pencils, but others are more age appropriate like glitter, tape, and stapler. Keep in mind what your teachers like to use and have on hand for their lessons. Ask them if they have any requests for specific supplies. I have put together a sample classroom supplies checklist to help you get started.

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  1. This list is really cool. Our church meets in a hotel so every week we bring our supplies in a luggage (on wheels). I carry every one of the items listed, except the clock. And I agree, we have used every one of those supplies listed. I carry lots of paper: solid colored, lined, drawing, printer, and card stock. I also carry christian card games, glue gun, cotton balls, string, a ruler, and a children’s bible. Thanks so much for the helpful list and lessons you provide. We use your materials all the time! Blessings!

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