4 Tips for Teaching the Golden Rule to Children

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Teaching the Golden Rule to Children
As you may have read, I do love teaching about the Golden Rule. I’m old enough to remember when we actually recited the words of Jesus in the classroom. “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 7:12) Imagine a world where everyone embraced Jesus’ teaching! Well, we can’t teach the entire world but we can teach our class how to apply the Golden Rule. Try these ideas!
1. Role Playing the Golden Rule
When you role play, you give kids the opportunity to experience various scenarios, in a planned environment. Invent a few situations for the students to act out. Some could include dealing with bullies, honesty when no one else is around or how to help someone who is discouraged. I like to put scenarios on index cards and let kids pick one. Have kids read their parts but they get to decide how to respond. You’ll probably be surprised at wonderfully they react!
2. Hand Out Golden Rulers
I’ve done this recently and the kids loved it. I bought a bunch of rulers and wrote “Remember the Golden Rule” on them with a permanent marker. Every time they use it, they’ll remember Jesus’ words. Send the rulers home as a take home gift.
3. Find Opportunities for Kids to Volunteer
When kids learn to serve others, it is easy to recall the rule. Choose different children each week to serve the snack, distribute napkins and pick up the supplies. Also, coordinate with your pastor to create opportunities for kids to serve in “big” church too.
4. Golden Rule Bulletin Board
You need a white posterboard or two cut to look like a ruler, long and skinny. Draw lines on the ruler (like an actual ruler) using a black permanent marker, separating the lines by three inches. Write the Golden Rule vertically on the ruler. On each line, write an activity that illustrates the Golden Rule like “helping a friend study” or “being kind to a bully.” Encourage your class to think of activities to place on the lines.
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