Cookie Bible Object Lessons

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Bible Object Lessons using Cookies
Kids speak a unique language of fun and faith, don’t they? If you want to grab the attention of your young audience, teach using a tasty treat. Not only will they hang on every word (crumb!) they will look forward to snacking on them after the lesson. Try these cookie object lessons if you want to teach about brokenness or love. All you need is a few packs of cookies, well maybe some milk and napkins too!
Broken Cookies
The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.–Psalm 34:18 For this object lesson, you will need two pack of cookies. For a smaller class, you could put the cookies inside zippered storage bags. You need to crush one pack of cookies. Kids should see that they are obviously broken. Hide the good, unbroken cookies somewhere. Say, “Sometimes life breaks us up like these cookies. We get our feelings hurt, sad things happen to us, maybe a tragedy happens. Your heart can feel like these broken cookies. It is hard to love people, trust people or allow people to get close to us when we feel broken. Has anyone ever felt broken?” (Wait for kids to respond.)
“I’ve got good news though! The Bible says, “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. What do you think that means?” (Wait again for respond.) “Yes! When we feel this brokenness, we should look around because the Lord is near us. Also, when we feel broken, he promises to save us!” (Take the good cookies out.) “Look guys! These cookies are not broken. We should eat them! Who wants some?”
Love Cookies
And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. –Colossians 3:14  For this object lesson, you need a pack of M&M cookies. You need enough cookies to give each child one. Hand out the cookies and tell the kids not to eat them. Say, “I love cookies. Don’t you? I especially love these M&M cookies. Let’s look at the cookies and see how many we can count. Are you ready?” (Wait for kids to count the M&Ms in their cookies.) “Who has the most? I have this many.” (Listen to the kids share how many candies are in their cookies.) “This cookie reminds me of a Bible verse. The verse talks about love. Let me read it.” (Read the verse.)
“I love all these candies but it is the cookie in between that is the most delicious. See, the Bible says that it is love that binds everything together. It’s the cookie that keeps the candies stuck together perfectly. We should have things like joy (point to a candy) gentleness and kindness (point to more cookies) but it is love that keeps everything together. Who’s ready to eat?”
I hope you enjoy these object lessons!
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