Sunday School Crafts on "Fishers of Men" for Jesus from Matthew 4

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These Sunday School crafts are on Matthew 4. They help teach teach kids what it means to become “Fishers of Men” for Jesus. Print the how-to directions, gather your craft supplies, and watch our demonstration video below. Use this Bible craft in your Sunday School or Kids’ Church.

“Fishers of Men” Craft Demonstration

Fishers of Friends! Craft Ideas for Following Jesus & Fishing for People

These Bible crafts teach kids about their role in telling friends about Jesus. See more Bible crafts, activities, and coloring pages on our website.

Fishers of men? What can this mean? As we discuss with children the importance of loving and following Jesus, we will also communicate the blessing of sharing the Gospel good news with others around us. In this way, we can join with Peter in making new disciples and “fishing for friends.” These crafts use the idea of fishing as an opportunity to create some fun reminders of our call to share the faith and serve Christ. Go fish!

Don’t miss the children’s sermon & Sunday School lesson that inspired these crafts. You can watch a video demonstration of this craft on YouTube

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Bible Verses or Craft Captions:

I will be a fisher of friends!

Jesus calls us to be fishers of men…share His love with others!

And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” –Matthew 4:19

God loves you…and so do I! Share the good news!

I can be a follower of Jesus, and I want to tell others about Him

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit… -Matthew 28:19

Craft: “Fishers of Men Boat”

Craft: “Fishers of Men Boat”

You will need:

  • Paper or notecards
  • Scissors
  • String or pipe cleaners
  • Markers or decorating materials
  • Hole punch or tape


  1. Cut the paper plate in half.
  2. Decorate the half-plate to look like a boat, adding color, stickers, or writing.
  3. Place a “sail” on top of the boat with a pipe cleaner and paper, if desired.
  4. Add a verse caption or note on the boat.
  5. Cut fish shapes out of paper. Write the names of friends who need prayer or attention.
  6. Punch holes in the fish as well as the boat. String the fish onto the boat so that they dangle and can be “reeled” up and down.

Craft: “Fishing for Friends” Rod

Craft: “Fishing for Friends” Rod

You will need:

  • Paper or cardstock
  • Pipe cleaners, ribbon, or string
  • Toilet paper or paper towel tubes
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Decorative materials (markers, fabric paint)


  1. Cut fish shapes out of the paper.
  2. Decorate the fish, writing down names of people that need prayer or people who need to hear the good news of Jesus.
  3. Decorate the tube, adding the verse caption as well as color or stickers.
  4. String the fish and attach them to the tube using punched holes or tape.
  5. Remember to pray for the “fish” and follow Jesus!

Bible Craft: “Caught in a Net”

Craft: “Caught in a Net”

You will need:

  • Paper or cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Decorative materials (markers, crayons, colored pencils)
  • Paper bags


  1. Decorate your paper bag to look something like a fishing net. Cut the top off, draw lines, or crumple it to look rugged!
  2. Add verse caption and title, if desired.
  3. Cut the paper into fish shapes.
  4. Write the names of people who need prayer onto the fish, and decorate if desired.
  5. Let the fish “jump” in and out of the “net.” Remember to pray for and share God’s love with those in your bag!  

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