DIY Bible Board Game Activity

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Have extra time in summer camp that you need to fill? This exciting activity is great for small groups of kids. When the kids finish this project, they will also have a fun game to play. Kids come up with a game name, a concept and design. They get to decide what to include on their board game. Give kids popular board game ideas for inspiration like Candyland, Sorry or Parcheesi. You can even have their named engraved on the box with a laser cutter from boss laser to make it even more unique.
Here is a list of supplies kids will need for this activity. You will need one set for each group.

  • Posterboard
  • Index cards
  • Ruler
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Bible
  • Dice or spinner
  • Playing pieces

How to Make a Bible Board Game
Before the kids begin designing their game board, they should work together picking a name. What will the game be about, the New Testament, the Old Testament or the entire Bible? After they choose a name, they should create playing cards using the index cards. These could give special instructions like, “Go back to the beginning” or “Move your piece to the Prayer Room.”
For the actual board game layout, kids can use the ruler to create the design that the players pieces will move along. I suggest they use pencil first, then when they get everything just right, use a marker or pen.
Encourage them to color in the board but any text should be legible. If you don’t want them to use dice, have them create a spinner to use. After they test the game, have the groups present their bible board games.
This fun activity doesn’t have to be done in a day; as a matter of fact, this project works better as a long term project, like over a few weeks or month.
When all the board games are complete, have kids share and play the games with other groups in your kids’ church.
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