Father’s Day Flip Book – Easy Gift Idea

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printable Father’s Day Flip Book - Easy Gift Idea
Flip books are fun and easy to make. Making one for Father’s Day would be a unique gift idea that takes minimal supplies, minimal preparation, and it can take as little or as much time as you have available. First of all, here are the steps to put a flip book together:

  1. You will need a stapler and 2 pieces of paper per book. This can be any type of paper: construction paper, white paper, colored paper, etc.
  2. Layer the 2 pieces of paper on top of each other leaving a margin at the bottom of about an inch (this doesn’t need to be measured).
  3. Fold over both pieces of paper layering the new edges and leaving a margin of about an inch.
  4. Staple at the top of your book to hold the papers together.

There. Now you have a flip book. Click on the preview above to download this printable.
With markers, have the children write on each flap:

  • Top cover – I
  • 2nd page (flap) – Love
  • 3rd page (flap) – My Dad
  • Bottom page (flap) – Love: (the child’s name)

Now they can draw pictures on each of the flaps and/or decorate:

  • Top Cover – decorate with stickers/stamps/drawing
  • 2nd page (flap) – draw a heart – draw things that they love about their dad
  • 3rd page (flap) – draw a picture of their dad
  • Bottom page (flap) – draw a picture of themselves with their dad

Have fun with this simple project. Let the children put their hearts into it and make it the way they want it to be for their dads.
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