"Joseph: Jesus' Earthly Father" Story for Early Readers

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When Jesus was a child, he was under the care of an earthly father named Joseph. This printable booklet tells that story.
One of the best ways to learn about some of the fathers that are in the Bible is to read about them. But, sometimes, for those who are new to reading, this can be a very difficult task. That’s why I created these Bible readers that follow nine of the fathers that are in the Bible. I took nine of the most well-known fathers from the Bible and used what the Bible had to say about their fatherhood.

Following is the list of the reader available for this series (we will fill in the links when complete).
1) Adam
2) Noah
3) Abraham
4) Isaac
5) Jacob
6) Jephthah
7) Boaz
8) David
9) Joseph (Jesus’ earthly father)
Print out these great readers for the Kindergarten – 1st graders in your classes. These are wonderful to help your new readers to be able to actually read the Bible story with the larger words split up into syllables. Feel free to pick and choose which readers you want to use with your class.
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