Following Up After a Children’s Ministry Outreach

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Following Up After a Children’s Ministry Outreach
So much goes into evangelism, doesn’t it? Besides organizing volunteers, creating an itinerary and having a good attendance, you have to think about after the event too. You can’t just plan an outreach; you must lead your attendees to the next event like children’s church or summer camp. The key to growing your church could be in your follow up. If you fail to make contact after the outreach, chances are you will be quickly forgotten. That would be a shame after all your hard work. Keep those excited attendees coming back to your children’s ministry with a smart follow up plan.
The Day of the Event
Have registration forms ready but keep them brief. You need names, contact information and then just ask a few questions. On my forms, I ask, “What’s your favorite snack?” or “What’s your favorite cartoon?” You need a responsible volunteer to collect the information. If kids are registering themselves, your volunteer may need to seek a parent or guardian for help filling out the forms. I write notes on the back of the forms to help me remember individuals like, “He wore a lime green hat.”
Two Days After
No more than two days after, make contact. Usually, I call the first number on the form and then go to the second, if needed. I say something like, “Hi! This is Miss Monica from TNT Kids Church. I was in your neighborhood a few days ago and had the chance to meet you and Robert. I’m going to be visiting a few other kids in that area today, may I stop by for two minutes?”

  • It is important to be proactive when identifying yourself.
  • Be friendly and smile when you talk. (People can hear your smile.)
  • Pick up the child’s favorite snack. (Use the form as a cheat sheet to remind you.)
  • Take the snack and a flyer invitation to the next event or kids’ church.
  • Greet the parents and the child by name. Reintroduce yourself and be friendly.
  • Keep your visit less than 5 minutes, even if you get a good response. The key is to build a relationship!

A Week Post Event
Send a card or letter to the child and/or family. Thank them for attending the outreach. Assign each child to a volunteer or a contact team. Provide birthday and contact cards for the volunteers to send.
Following up with kids and families takes some practice and many times perseverance is the key. Be friendly and stick to the plan!
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