4 Ways to Make Families & Children Feel Welcomed

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Whether a family is visiting or has been attending our church for a hundred years, my desire is that they feel welcomed in our ministry.  This can be a struggle as volunteers are so busy and are focused on other things on Sunday mornings. Here are a few easy things to implement to up your friendliness factor:
1.  Plant smiling greeters:  Find some people whose only job is to stand in your hallway and say hello.  They can also help people who look lost and point people in the right direction to get questions answered.  However, their priority needs to be greeting every family and child who walks in the door.  If you want to add a little extra fun, give them bubbles to blow or stickers to hand out.
2.  Give kids nametags. Parents and kids are impressed when kids are welcomed by name.  But who can remember every name?  Cheat and use nametags.  Make sure the print is big enough where you can see it.  If you still can’t see or know their name, greet them warmly with a “Hi Friend” or “Hey Buddy” or something super friendly.
3.  Instruct teachers to greet every family at the door.  Sometimes teachers jump right into activities and kids have to wander in on their own.  Train teachers to have one engaging kids in the room and one welcoming at the door.
4.  Contact visitors and follow up on the missing. People notice when you notice that they were or weren’t there.  Make it a priority in between Sundays to let people know that it matters if they are there.

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