Christian Poem for Father's Day

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by Deirdre Banda

For you on father’s day what ever you celebrate
Fathers have been here in times and seasons
For you on Father’s Day that’s really great
To remember you not just on this day but every day
It’s father Day today for all fathers who have been
Here and gone Your memories live on
Fathers enjoy your children, draw them near
Closer to you inside the heart
Because they may think of you today
Pick up the phone, and dial and say!
Write a letter. You may be surprised with the reply
A very special love for you
Joyful Father’s Day

Just for you
With all the grace of God’s life to us
Can bring on your special day
Father’s Day is the time for thoughts of quiet reflection
Memories of the year have gone by
A Welcome smile
Father’s Day is the perfect time to receive God’s grace
Ahead for the new day
And may a wonderful beginning and joy God brings aloud
Thank you God for all fathers
Remember God our Father in Heaven and Earth

Happy Father’s Day

©By Deirdre Banda

This Father’s Day poem was submitted by one of our readers. You are welcome to print it for use privately or in your church. We ask that it not be reproduced for any commercial venture without her consent.

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