21 New Year's Ideas for Children's Ministry

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Children's Ministry Ideas for the New Year

Since the holiday has their attention, use some of these free ideas to teach them God’s Word. Don’t miss our All Things NEW:4-Week Sunday School Curriculum to teach in January. Click here to download lesson #1 as a free sample.

Lesson Plans for New Year’s

Bible Object Lessons

New Year’s Coloring Pages for Children’s Church

New Year Sunday School Coloring Page
See more options for New Year’s Coloring Pages

More New Year’s Ideas for Kids Church

Several readers also like to use the Sunday after Christmas for the kids to write “Thanks You” cards for all their presents. We’ve uploaded a printable thank you card template for children and an object lesson to accompany it.

The beginning of the new year brings a special opportunity for your children’s ministry. Kids are thinking about the new year and many will even stay up late with their families. I’ve even heard very young ones making grown-up sounding resolutions.

We hope you enjoy these ideas and find them useful in your ministry. Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “21 New Year's Ideas for Children's Ministry”

  1. Thank you for this lesson! I’m going to use it for the children we care for during our church’s Celebrate Recovery service.

  2. Thank you very much for helping the children learn about Jesus with all your free lessons
    May God bless your ministry

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