New Year Salvation Object Lessons

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Everyone likes a clean slate, a fresh start or kid language a “do-over.” A new coloring book, fresh chalkboards are two “clean slate” examples kids look forward to. As children’s church leaders it is our joy to teach kids about the new start that Jesus gives us all. With the New Year approaching, many people will nobly focus in making changes, looking forward to a fresh start. This makes New Year’s, in fact, the entire month of January the perfect time teach kids about the salvation Jesus offers. Give kids the opportunity to receive new life with these New Year salvation object lessons. Add these mini lessons to your favorite salvation programs for visual impact.
Magnetic Display
For this object lesson, you will need two large magnets. In this object lesson, you will demonstrate how God’s holy nature is repelled by sin. Show two magnets with reverse polarity. Just turn one of the magnets backwards. Give kids a chance to handle the reverse magnets. Say this, “God is holy and he can’t bear to be around sin. Since everyone sins, God designed a way for men to come back to him. Jesus came to erase our sin. When our sin is erased by Jesus, (turn one of the magnets around) God is drawn to us, just like these two magnets. This New Year salvation object lesson has a favorite because kids can interact with it.
Box of Rocks
Before class, gather a few empty shoeboxes and 10 or more rocks. Have a black permanent marker handy too. Ask two volunteers to come before the class and hold the empty shoeboxes. Tell the class, “We were born to sin. No matter how good or wonderful a person is he or she will sin. Watch this demonstration.” Take a rock in one hand and say to the class, “Today, let’s pretend these rocks are different sins. Let’s label these sins. I want to remind you that my volunteers are pretending. I’m sure they haven’t committed these sins.”
Tell a story about a typical day for kids as you write the names of sins on rocks and add them to the two boxes. Start with waking up and getting ready for school. Mom asks, “Did you finish your homework last night?” You forgot but you want Mom to be happy and you want to avoid getting into trouble. You say, “Yes, ma’am.” Write “Lie” on the rock and place it in a box. Go through the pretend day adding rocks that read different words like steal, disobedience and cruelty. By the end each box will have a heavy load of rocks.
Tell the volunteers you have to carry that box around every day. Even though you can’t see them, your sins are always with you. Even you friend standing next to you can’t help you carry your box because he has a box of his own. Only one person can remove the rocks and give you an empty box. Who do you think that is?
Demonstrate how prayer and repentance unloads the boxes.

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