Object Lessons About Evangelism

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Object Lessons about EvangelismEvangelism isn’t just for grownups—it is for kids too!  Our big God wants to use each person’s experiences to turn others hearts to Jesus. As teachers and pastors, we have a mandate to tap into a child’s boldness and desire to share the good news with his friends and family. That means that you and I must teach evangelism regularly and often! This means we should be teaching them early, often, and by example. Get these object lessons ready!
Sharing Jesus: For this object lesson, you need several copies of a small paper doll. The doll should look like Jesus. (Use this Jesus coloring page if you need a printable). Cut them out and place them on a table near your teaching area. Read some verses or ask the kids to read verses about sharing the good news. I recommend John 3:3; “In reply Jesus declared, ‘I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again,” or John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his One and Only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
Explain that when we tell someone about Jesus, we are sharing him with others. (Hand a child a paper doll.) Say, “Then we tell someone else about Jesus, we share him again!” (Hand out another paper doll.) Finish with, “Our goal every day should be to share Jesus with as many people as possible. He’s big enough to share with everyone, every day! Who is going to tell someone that Jesus loves them?”
God’s Heart: Before you present this object lesson, purchase several rolls of heart-shaped stickers. Buy on Amazon.com or look at your local stores. Tear off sections of 3 to 5 stickers and set them to the side. Say, “You know what guys? God is so amazing. He’s big enough to help everyone on the planet, all at once, but He can get small enough to fit in our hearts. But, most people will not know that God wants to live in their hearts unless we tell them.”
Take a sticker off the roll and place it on your shirt, over your heart. “See this? This heart means that someone told me about Jesus. Has anyone told you about Jesus? If so, raise your hand.” (Hand out a sticker to each child.) “If you don’t know about God’s son, Jesus, let me tell you know.” (Tell the children about Jesus and about how he died for us and rose again. Explain that he takes away our sins.) “Now you get a sticker too! I want to send you home with some of these stickers but before you give them away, you have to tell your friend about Jesus. Can you do that?” Hand out the stickers.
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  • Share a story about kids telling other kids about Jesus?
  • What is your favorite way to teach the Gospel story to children?
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