The Gospel In Colors – The Wordless Book

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One of the best ways to share the Gospel with kids is the wordless book. It’s a series of colors that can be used to explain the Gospel.
I was surprised to learn that many believe that Charles Spurgeon originated the wordless book idea. Later is was used by several early Evangelical Missionaries. You can find a good summary of it on Kidology and read about it’s history on Wikipedia.

Do You Use The Wordless Book?

If you have used this approach to sharing the Gospel with children, then leave a comment below. Let us know what setting and how it turned out. Have you seen many children come to Christ through this explanation?

1 thought on “The Gospel In Colors – The Wordless Book”

  1. Hi,

    I regularly use your lessons for Children’s Church. Thank you for your ministry.
    I have used a version of the Wordless Book for years in evangelism. I usually use the colors to make a necklace or bracelet with a cross in the middle and the colors on each side. I tell them the story, and then encourage them to bring their friends back to the table. When they return, I ask them to tell the story to their friends using the colors. I even have many adults come to the table and want to make a “Salvation Necklace/Bracelet.” On subsequent years/outreaches, I have children and adults still wearing their “Salvation Necklaces/Bracelets.” The necklace/bracelet is a more permanent reminder of the story of salvation.

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