New Year Watch Party Activities for Kids

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Many churches hold New Year’s Eve “watch parties” to ring in the new year. Congregations have different programs but if it’s a lengthy one, kids will get bored. Nobody wants that! If your church has an activity planned for the adults have something for kids to do too–besides watch a movie. These activities are great time fillers when you want to keep kids occupied for a little while and provide them with a way to be involved in the festivities.
Countdown Balloons
You’ll need some latex balloons, confetti, a marker and a pin for this activity. If you prefer to have your balloons float, you’ll need a helium tank too or some helium-filled balloons. Carefully add a teaspoon of confetti to each balloon before you tie them off. On the outside of the balloon write different times like 7:15 or 10:30. You need one balloon for each 15 or 30 minute segment. When you reach the time, pop the balloons with a pen so kids can see the confetti fall. It’s a messy activity but one they’ll remember and enjoy.
Party Hats with Personality
What’s a party without a party hat? Purchase a pack of plain party hats or make your own using large sheets of construction paper. The traditional “dunce” cap cone works perfectly but you’ll need a hole punch and string for the chin strap. Besides the hats, provide kids with glue, scissors, googley eyes, pipe cleaners, mouths, ears and eyes cut out of construction paper. Encourage your kids to make a goofy hat to wear when the clock strikes 12!
Resolution Tree
It’s always sad to see the Christmas tree go but if you create a resolution or prayer tree you can leave it up a little longer. Give each child a heart or star-shaped piece of construction paper. It should be large enough to write a few sentences on. Ask kids to write down their prayer for 2014 or a resolution. You may have to explain that a resolution is a promise you make to yourself to do something better than ever before.
Ball Drop
If you have the ability to hang a pinata in your facility, then hanging a ball to drop should be no problem. Actually, you could use a round pinata or make a ball from a large piece of round Styrofoam. When the New Year rolls around, lower the ball and encourage the kids to shout, “Happy New Year!”
Have fun with these New Year’s Eve watch party ideas!

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