New Year’s Object Lesson: Do You Have the Time?

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New Year’s Object Lesson: Do You Have the Time?Looking for a New Year’s object lesson? There’s so much emphasis on time during this time of year, take advantage of that and teach kids about the Master of Time. This object lesson is perfect for showing kids that God is the creator of time.
Before you teach, you need a clock, watch, timer and a sundial if you can find it. Put all these items in the teaching area. Say to kids, “God can be trusted with time! He created it! The bible tells us some great stuff about time. Here’s one of my favorite verses about times and seasons: ‘But I trust in you, Lord; I say, You are my God. My times are in your hands.’ (Psalm 31: 14-15) Lots of people get stressed out over time. How many of you have heard your parents say, ‘We don’t have time for that!’ or “Get that done before bed time!’ I’ve probably said it too! It’s hard sometimes to get all the activities crammed into a single day sometimes but we can do it. Some people use different tools to track time. See all these?” Show kids the items you’ve collected. “This is a calendar, a timer, a watch and even a sun dial. All of these are useful tools for tracking the time. With a calendar, you can monitor the months, days and weeks. With a timer, people track minutes and seconds. Some watches can show you both the date and the time. In the old days, people used these sundials to track the time.”
“Time is precious. No one can give you more time. You can’t buy extra days of the week or more hours in a day. All you can do is use the time you have been given. Remember the verse we read earlier? It said that our times are in God’s hands. It is okay to track days, weeks, months, hours and seconds but in the end we have to trust God. We must put all our times in his hands and trust that he will keep us safe and keep us on track towards our destiny.”
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  1. I just discovered your website and am so very excited! I teach a Children’s Church
    class every other Sunday for 3rd-5th grade. I love the object lessons and have used
    them as springboards to extend my lessons. God bless you!

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