“In The Beginning” Bible Object Lesson

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"In the beginning" object lesson
I love teaching from the book of Genesis—there’s just so much “God” there! Genesis gives an amazing retelling of what happened all those thousands of years ago. All the action, all the drama, it truly is one of my favorite books to share with my kids. I have found that children do want to know how the world started and this object lesson will help you do that.
We all know the phrase, “In the beginning,” but that simple phrase means so much, doesn’t it? Start a significant teaching on the book of Genesis with the following object lesson and watch the light bulbs come on!
In the Beginning Object Lesson
Supplies: Calendar, egg timer, stopwatch
Prepare: Place the items on a small table in your teaching area. (I usually cover them with a cloth until I am ready to use them, for dramatic effect.)
Teach: Okay, everyone! Grab your bibles. I’m going to show you an awesome verse and it is easy to find. Everyone turn to the book of Genesis. That’s the very first book! Now go to chapter one and verse one. When you get there, stand up and say, “Hallelujah!”
Let’s read it together, “In the beginning…” (Read the verse a few times together.) So when God create the heavens and the earth? Right! In the beginning! (Tell the kids they can sit down and close their bibles now.) But the beginning of what?
See this calendar? It helps me track time from the beginning of the year (show January) to the end of the year (show December). I can watch the weeks and the months go by but everything starts at the…? Right at the beginning!
See this egg timer? If I want to time something when I am cooking it, I set the timer. When I press the time in, it counts down from the beginning of the time to the end of the time, according to whatever I press in. However long I need, it all starts at the…beginning!
See this stopwatch? I love to time you guys when you race. I can track who’s the fastest and it all starts at the….that’s right, the beginning!
So when did God create everything? At the beginning, before time even started. Before the first calendar, before the first timer, before the first race. Before everything, God was. He made everything right at the beginning of time.
I know that is a lot to think about but don’t worry about understanding it with your mind, understand it with your heart. There’s where it counts.
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