New Year's Game: Confetti Balloons

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New Year's Game: Confetti Balloons
If you ask kids what their favorite holiday is, New Year’s isn’t likely to make the top three but that’s no reason to skip over the world’s most popular “do over.” In the secular world, the “new year” is a time stamp that initiates a life change but like every day with Jesus, it is time to do better, to stretch your faith, to try again. If you teach that, kids will certainly get it. If you’re looking for ways to illustrate a New Year’s lesson, try these exciting confetti balloons. I’ve thought of a couple of ways you could use them. If you can find clear latex balloons it makes this activity much more visually appealing.
Word of Encouragement: Before class, write some encouraging verses on slips of paper. On the other side, write an encouraging sentence like “You can do all things through Christ!” Tuck the one slip of paper into each balloon along with the confetti. Talk to your class about what New Year’s could mean to them. Give each child a toothpick and have a countdown, counting back from ten, like grownups do the countdown. When you get to zero, everyone pops the balloons at the same time and recovers their piece of paper. Allow them to take turns reading their verse and message aloud.
Hot Potato Balloon: This activity is silly but fun! With your confetti balloon, gather the kids into a circle and play “Hot Potato.” The balloon should be pretty near inflated, it will make it more difficult to pass. Slip a toothpick in your pocket for popping, in case it doesn’t pop on its own. Have a volunteer play and stop music. When the music plays, the balloon is passed with both hands from child to child and the passing stops when the music ceases. Whoever has the balloon when it pops will get showered with confetti. If you’d like to, pop it the balloon secretly while you have it in your hands.
Balloon Blow Up: This is just a funny activity but you should only ask an adult to participate. Use a funnel to put the confetti in the balloon but don’t tie it off. Blow up the balloon until it pops and confetti explodes everywhere. You could talk about how exciting it is to serve God!
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