Fun Ways to Use Balloons in Ministry

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Fun Ways to Use Balloons in Your MinistryasdIsn’t it amazing how captivated kids are by balloons? Offer kids a bag of candy or a balloon and nine times out of ten, they’ll reach for the balloon. I’m a firm believer that we should never let a tool go to waste so I’ve found some fun ways to use balloons during children’s church. Keep kids focused on your lesson and keep them excited about attending by using balloons regularly.
If possible, think about investing a few dollars in some customized balloons. Having some on hand will not only entertain but advertise your ministry.
Balloon animals: I’m no balloon artist but I can make a puppy/cow/horse. Invest in a bag of skinny balloons and do a Google search for easy balloon animals. Tell the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den with balloons! Hand out your creation to the kid who answers the most review questions correctly.
Balloon behavior: Got a few kids acting up? Divide the group into boys versus girls. Before the service blow up six balloons. (Or cheat and use a helium tank!) Divide the six into clumps of three each. Tie the balloon clusters to opposite ends of the stage. Explain to the kids that you’ll be popping balloons if kids misbehave. Explain that’s a girls versus boys contest. Who can end the day with the most balloons? Pop the balloons with a pin for behavior infractions. Trust me, this is a great way to modify behavior!
Balloon object lessons: Every weeks or months, I break out the balloon object lessons. Because of its changing nature, (balloons can go flat or inflate) They make the ideal tools for demonstrating Bible principles. For example, you can show how pride puffs us up or how we change when we are filled with the Holy Spirit.
Balloon station holders: Dress up your room with balloons at each station. Float some at the welcome center, at the craft table or in the worship arena. What a fun way to jazz up any room.
Balloon arches: Celebrate a special event with a balloon arch that kids can walk under. They make great decorations for a special banquet or party.
Balloon giveaways: As I noted earlier, kids can’t resist a balloon. Have plenty on hand to give as prizes for winning a game or a contest. If possible, save the balloon giveaways until just before time to leave. If not, you might end up blowing up and tying 50 balloons.
Balloon games: Break out those old favorite balloon games. The “Sit On It” game where kids sit on the balloon to pop it but can’t use their hands or feet is always a favorite. Pass the Balloon, over the head and between the legs while standing in a line also makes us laugh. Here’s another idea using balloon games to review Bible verses.
Leave your own ideas in the comment section below. Have fun with balloons!

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