Bible Verse Balloon Race

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Bible Verse Balloon Race
Kids can’t resist balloons, can they? This thought inspired me to get busy planning a fun game using a bunch of balloons. While we’re having fun, it doesn’t hurt to reinforce a bible verse! This active game is perfect for kids age 6 and up but you could probably introduce it to smaller kids if they don’t mind popping a balloon. (Some little ones really don’t like that noise.) Grab a pack of balloons and call a volunteer. It’s time to get ready for a race!
Supplies you’ll need: Packs of balloons, printed Bible verses, scissors, large plastic tubs to hold the balloons
Prepare: Before the class, write out the verses on paper or print them out. For the race, you need two copies of the same verse. I suggest choosing a verse that is long enough to be challenging but not so long that kids will never figure it out. Cut the verse up, word by word. Poke a word in a balloon, blow it up and tie it off. Continue until both sets of verses are complete. Put the balloons in the large tubs as you go to keep from getting them mixed up.
Play: You need one child for every word of the verse. For small groups, you may need kids to take two turns. Once you play the music or blow a whistle, kids run from the start line to the finish line. The child needs to pick a balloon from their team basket, pop the balloon, retrieve the verse and run back to the start line. Then the next child goes until all the balloons are popped. After the balloons are popped, the teams must figure out the verse. Whoever gets it right first, is the winner.
Another way to play this game, (that’s a bit less competitive) is to put different verses in the balloons. Kids pop a balloon one at a time, then come up to the front of the room to read their verse with everyone. Have a good time!
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