New Year's Resolution: Bible Fundraisers for Children's Ministry

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Like most people I begin the New Year with a list of resolutions. However like many of you, I have learned over the years that most of my resolutions rarely leave the dream list. I have found that the best New Year’s resolutions are the ones that involve doing something for someone else. As a children’s pastor and servant, I love to start the New Year is with a Bible fundraiser for my children. It’s a resolution that I truly believe in! In children’s ministry, you’ll have many occasions to offer kids bibles; whether it’s for use during class or to take home. If your church ministers to a large number of “unchurched” kids, you may find having enough Bibles to be a real need. Think about starting the year off with a Bible fundraiser for children’s ministry. You may be surprised to learn that it is a cause many people will happily support.
While receiving donations of Bibles is an acceptable idea it may be easier to ask for a specific version to keep everyone on the same page. Reading from multiple Bible translations during service can really slow down a lesson, not to mention make it more difficult for children to understand. Before you begin your Bible fundraiser do your homework. Know which Bible version you would like to use and get a wholesale price and have directions on where they can be found, when possible. This will make it easier for parents, grandparents and friends of the ministry to donate the correct version.
Create some excitement with these fundraiser ideas:
Host a bike-a-thon. I love bike-a-thons! Here’s the idea–you’ll need to pick a date and a location for your bike route. If possible, your church parking lot is the ideal place. You’ll need an obstacle free zone without potholes or items that can cause a bike rider to fall. Set up a start and finish line. A few weeks before the race, send home a pledge sheet with your kids. Kids can help raise money for Bibles by riding their bikes up and down the track. Parents and friends pledge to give a certain amount for each lap or course completed. It’s easy to get kids excited about giving and biking for Bibles.
Have a rock-a-thon. If you’ve got some rocking chairs handy, like in the nursery, bring them into the children’s church on a Saturday. You’ll need volunteers willing to rock and some willing to pledge per hour rocked. Make it exciting by playing some peppy music and invite people to stop by! When the event is over, report on how many hours your crew rocked and raise your Bible funds!
Build the Bible stacks. In children’s ministry, you can’t beat an old fashioned boys versus girls contest. If you’ve decided to ask for Bibles instead of cash donations, this is the way to go. You’ll need two small tables, one for the boys and one for the girls. Ask kids and parents to bring in new Bibles and place them on the tables. Whichever group stacks the Bibles the highest wins! This is perfect for a long running contest. Give the winning team a special prize.
I’m sure there are tons of ways to host a Bible fundraiser but hopefully, these ideas will get you started!

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