"Not So Angry Bird" Object Lessons on Controling Anger

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Object Lesson on Controling AngerAnyone with a tablet or a Smartphone knows how to fling an Angry Bird at an egg-stealing pig. This digital game of mayhem, anger and revenge makes the perfect backdrop for some real biblical lessons. Deal with the anger issues in your kids church by offering these “not so” angry bird theme lessons. Build on valuable lessons on this popular theme with these ideas.
Control My Anger: Here’s the story: Pigs steal birds’ eggs, birds take revenge. The vicious cycle repeats while the game player moves through the levels. In real life, we know that the anger-revenge cycle is much uglier. According to Ephesians 4:26, “In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.” Tell kids, “Everyone gets angry, including God, Jesus and your Pastor.” The problem isn’t the anger, it’s how you cope with the anger. Teach kids how to deal with anger without the destruction.
Anger Makes You Pop: When we focus on our problems or how someone “did us wrong,” our anger can grow into something big. (Blow up a balloon and explain to kids that this balloon represents anger.) Talk about how anger, if left out of control, it can explode into something worse. (Pop the balloon with a pin.) When we focus on God, the anger evaporates. If we add up the wrongs, the anger can become hate, even murder. We have to learn to let the anger go without allowing it to grow into something that causes us to sin.
Anger Attracts the Baddies: (Sprinkle some metal shavings or tiny metal screws on a table. Run the magnet over the shavings and let kids see how they cling to the magnet.) If you tend to be constantly angry, you’ll attract other rebellious, bad people to you–like the magnet. Point out to the kids that there’s not just one kind of Angry Bird. There are red, yellow, white and black ones. One “Angry Bird” attracts another.
Anger Weighs You Down: You need an empty backpack and some books for this lesson. Have a child wear the backpack then put books in it one at a time. Explain to kids how the books are like moments of anger. Eventually they weigh you down.Β  Pass the backpack around and let kids feel how heavy anger feels.
Teaching kids these not-so Angry Birds theme lessons will help your children understand how to cope with anger and angry situations.

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