Giveaway: Books of the Bible Flash Cards

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We’re excited to add some new “printed” products to the Sunday School Store. This post is your chance to win a copy of both the Old Testament & New Testament cards for your ministry (or family).

  1. Watch the video below
  2. Leave me a comment about how this resource would help your ministry.
  3. New week, I’ll draw a random winners to get both sets of cards (sorry US shipping address only)

About these Bible Books Flash Cards

Use these beautiful Books of the Bible flashcards in your Sunday School or Children’s Ministry to help children master the books in the Old and New Testament.

Each high quality card is postcard sized and durable enough to use every week. Parents too will love these for their family devotion time. Each card gives a detailed and Gospel-centered explanation of the Bible book and how it fits into the Good News.

The New Testament cards are a set of 28 cards that measure 4×6. The set includes 27 cards plus 1 cover card. Each book card has a key verse, the theme of the book, and a brief explanation of the book.

The Old Testament cards are a set of 40 cards that measure 4×6. The set includes 39 cards plus 1 cover card. Each book card has a key verse, the theme of the book, and a brief explanation of the book.

Don’t wait for the giveaway – you can purchase them now at the Sunday School Store and we’ll send you $50 gift card if you are the winner. That’s like winning 2x.

5 thoughts on “Giveaway: Books of the Bible Flash Cards”

  1. It will help them identify the oder and theme in every books.
    It will also guide them to do independent learning and trigger their want to know more in about every book.

  2. Thank you so much for the free activities and lesson, it will be a big help for us teacher of sunday school that cant afford to buy materials, God Bless

  3. We’re a new Sunday school so it will give them a start on knowing the books of the Bible and also being able to memorize the order and have an idea of what each book teaches. Thank you! God bless.

  4. Hello,
    I’ve been following your ministry for a while now and I’d like to commend the great work you’re doing.
    These flash cards will be an exciting way for the kids in our junior church to learn the books of the Bible and the order in which they are organized! It will definitely inject some excitement and inspire them to learn the books as the cards can be used as a game way to learning these books which they are currently struggling to do.

  5. God bless you for the great work you are doing in this generation for this generation! I believe that the flashcards you have prepared will help the children to know the true Word of God and turn away from evil and make righteous decisions in their lives. The flashcards and videos you have prepared are essential for us teachers of Sunday school in less equipped places like our country, Ethiopia. By the way, I have just seen your ministry while preparing training on learners’ learning styles and teaching methods for teachers and looking for visual materials for visual learners. Please, I need your help because there is no facility to provide or show these learning materials. God bless you abundantly!
    yours brother in Christ
    Yadesa Samuel

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