Giving for Orphan Care Coloring Page

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giving for orphan care coloring page
Download this coloring page to teach kids about the impact of giving for orphan care.

Directions: Click on the preview image above to download this orphan care coloring page as a print friendly PDF file. We’ve also uploaded it as a higher resolution jpeg image for any advanced editing needs.

The picture has a horizontal orientation and pictures two children. The young girl on the right is placing money in an offering plate collection. The young boy on the left is receiving a plate of food. The text reads, “Give with a thankful heart! Care for orphans.” This is a great activity sheet if you are leading your Sunday School class to sponsor a child.

This coloring page is part of a new original series by Mandy Groce on the topic of adoption and orphan care. This project will help kids and families think about how God can use them to express his love for orphan children. Look for new additions through January-February 2011.

Like all our materials, this coloring page is 100% free to use in your church, home or school. Click here to leave feedback for Mandy about her illustrations.

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