God's Promise Remains (Latter Prophets Bible Lesson)

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This is the final Old Testament story from my lessons based on &utm_medium=blogpartners”>The Big Picture Story Bible, but we still have 15 more New Testament Bible stories to cover. This lesson is from 11 titled, “God’s Promise Remains.” The heart of this lesson is God’s commitment to his promises, even after all the Jewish nation was exiled for their disobedience. This is a short lesson from the book, but it mentions several important figures in Bible history including Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel.
Use this overview of the latter prophets to emphasize the unchanging nature of God and his promises. The LORD was determined to keep his Word and bring about the Kingdom and its blessings. This Bible story leads to expectation and prepares children for Jesus as the promised King of God’s people. This lesson plan is part of my series based on &utm_medium=blogpartners”>The Big Picture Story Bible by David R. Helm and Gail Schoonmaker.

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About This Bible Lesson

Learning Objective: After this lesson, the children will demonstrate a basic knowledge of the events following the Exile . . . by choose between true and false statements about these events.
Target Age Group: 5 – 10 years old {U.S. Kindergarten – 3rd Grade}
Bible Story: Latter Prophets {overview}
Teaching Setting: This lesson was first taught in our children’s church on Sunday morning to about 25 children. This was only one piece of our Children’s Church program. The children also participated in several songs and group Bible memory exercises. Target length of this lesson is 15 – 20 minutes.
Items Needed:

  • Print out this lesson plan – [print_link]
  • The Big Picture Story Bible {this lesson requires the book}
  • Simple drawing of a sad face, either on a marker board or on a piece of paper (re-use from last week)
  • A simple drawing of a happy face on a piece of paper hidden under the sad face.
  • The following 8 phrases written on individual sheets of paper, or drawn on a marker board for a matching item learning activity.
    • One one side of the display: Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel
    • On the other side these statements:
      • raise the Temple and give the people new hearts
      • a forever King would come from David’s family
      • the people would return home in 70 years
      • prayed for God’s promised to come true

Teaching Plan: God’s Promise Remains
(Big Picture of the Bible Lesson #11)
Introduction: Display the sad face on the wall behind you. Then turn the the class and make a sad face. Wait until one of the children ask you why you look so sad. This may take a few minutes. Then say, “I was just thinking about last week’s lesson where God’s people were in a mess because of they didn’t want to obey God. But that was last week . . .”
Turn and pull away the sad face to show the happy face hidden below it. Change your expression to match the new symbol then say: “In today’s lesson we are going to see that God still loved his people and had a plan to make an even better kingdom for them.”
Active Listening: Display the 8 phrases in two lists. Tell the children that you want them to listen for which of these Latter prophets in the first list should be matched to what they said in the second list. Ask the children to listen carefully while you tell the story to see if they can put them in the right order after the Bible story.
Review Matching Lists: Call on volunteers to come and match the prophets with what they said. Allow each child to move one item. Call on the next child until the time line is in the correct order. Here are the correct answers:

  • Ezekiel – raise the Temple and give the people new hearts
  • Isaiah – a forever King would come from David’s family
  • Jeremiah – the people would return home in 70 years
  • Daniel – prayed for God’s promised to come true

True or False: Ask the children to choose which of the following statements are correct. If the statement is correct they should stand, if it is false they should remain seated.

  • God would never forgive his people for disobeying. {False}
  • God’s love is bigger and stronger than our sin. {True}
  • God spoke to his people through the prophets. {True}
  • Daniel was worried that God forgot his promise. {False}
  • Ezekiel taught about God giving us new hearts. {True}
  • Jeremiah said the exile would last 150 years {False – only 70}
  • The new temple was not as big as Solomon’s Temple  {True}
  • God always wins, even against strong kings. {True}

What Does This Say About God? Ask for volunteers to suggest truth about God that we can see in this story. Here are some possible answers, but many more are present.

  • God will keep his promises, even when we mess up.
  • God’s people need a Savior.
  • God will not be angry with his people forever.
  • God will send Jesus to make an even better Kingdom

Pray: Lead the children in a time of prayer . . .

Improve This Lesson: If you notice any typing errors, or think of a way to improve this lesson plan – please leave a comment below. Your help is important and makes this website more useful for everyone.

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