“The Greatest Commandment” Bible Craft Ideas on Matthew 22:34-46

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Use these Bible craft ideas when teaching from Matthew 22:34-46 in your Sunday School or Children’s Church. Download the directions below, gather your craft supplies, and watch our demonstration video as you prepare.

Just Love! Craft Ideas for “The Greatest Commandment” 

This week’s Gospel lesson focuses on the importance of making the main thing the main thing. When asked about the “most important” commandment, Jesus emphasized the simplest of explanations: love God, and love others. As we communicate this to students, here are a few crafts to remember how essential it is to love one another. A couple of wear-able features keep in mind loving God with all we have, and a game incorporation adds to the craft-worthy fun!

Additional Suggestions:

  • Create a hanging collage or mobile of sorts with hearts and strings.
  • Make a wind sock/streamer with a large heart in the center.
  • Using a long sheet of paper, make a heart-shaped envelope for prayer requests.

Bible Verses or Craft Captions to Consider…

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 This is the great and first commandment. 39 And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. -Matthew 22:37-39

Aim for the Heart… Love Wins!

Love God with all your mind!

The Greatest Commandment… LOVE

Everything hangs on Love!

Craft One: “Hide it in your Heart Necklace”

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Construction paper
  • String/ribbon
  • Markers or decorating materials
  • Hole punch


  1. Cut out several hearts from paper, in varying sizes and colors.
  2. Write out the Bible verse, placing a few words on each heart.
  3. Punch a hole in each heart.
  4. String the hearts through a ribbon or pipe cleaner to create a necklace or decoration. Wear or hang it to remember the verse and message it conveys!

Craft Two: “Love with all Your Mind” Headband  

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Construction paper or cardstock
  • Glue and/or tape
  • Decorative materials (markers, crayons, stickers)
  • String, pipe cleaner, etc. (optional)
  • Hole Punch
  • Stapler

1. Cut strips of paper out, and attach them together to be long enough for a headband.
2. Write a verse or caption on the headband. Staple together to secure.
3. Cut out several hearts to decorate the headband.  
4. Attach the hearts to the headband using twisted pipe cleaners or ribbons.
5. Add extra decorations (stickers, glitter, etc.) if desired. Wear and remember to love God “with all your mind”!  

Craft Three: “Aim for Love” Target Game  

You will need:

  • Paper plates (large or small)
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper or cardstock
  • Glue and/or tape
  • Decorative materials (markers, crayons, stickers)
  • String, pipe cleaner, etc. (optional)
  • “Ammunition” (pom-pom, balloon, etc.)

1. Design your “dart board” on a small or large paper plate.
2. Attach a paper heart (or a few of them in different sizes) to the plate.
3. Add extra decorations, verses, and captions, if desired.
4. Use a ribbon or pipe cleaner to hang up the “board”.
5. Gather small soft items to throw at the board. Options include pom-poms, cotton balls, pieces of paper, balloons, etc. Use a rubber band or popsicle stick to launch items at the target in attempt to hit the smallest heart.  

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