Podcast: Helping Families Worship at Home

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seeds-family-worshipToday’s families are in trouble.
That’s old news for anyone working in kids ministry. But now more than ever, we need to find ways to encourage and disciple Christian parents.
One strategy is providing resources for the home. In my ministry, that has been a powerful way to help families grow together toward Christ. That’s why I wanted to talk with Jason Houser from Seeds Family Worship. They are a group of musicians that create Bible saturated worship resources for families.
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In this conversation, we talk about Seeds and how their music can help families in your church. Then Jason offers some tips for family worship. Since he was fresh from the D6 conference, I asked him more about the family equipping movement. You’ll want to listen through to the end for more helpful ideas.
If you’re new to Seeds Family Worship, here is a recent video from their YouTube channel. It’s a live concert where Jason performs their song latest song. You can also connect with Seeds on Facebook and even share your ideas for their upcoming album.

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