Christmas Musical for Children on DVD

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Christmas Carols for KidsThis is such an easy way to put together a solid Christmas musical for your children at church. It’s a split track DVD with kid friendly arrangements of 20 familiar Christmas chorals. This might be just the right resource for your struggling Christmas musical. Click here to learn more about this DVD.
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Here’s what Bob from God’s Kids Worship has to say about this DVD.

This is a great DVD for kids ministry people who want to put on a quick, easy & enjoyable performance with any group of kids at Christmas. Take any group of kids, rehearse them once, and because the lyrics are on screen, everybody knows the words and nobody gets lost! (I’ve led kids choirs in church… I know what that’s like.)
Plus, since it’s a split-track DVD, you can mix in enough of the recorded kids voices to give your kids confidence to sing out. There are also free, reproducible sheet music files included on the DVD for people who want the music, too.
The cost for all 20 familiar Christmas songs including the sheet music is $29.98; so for about $1.50 for a video and sheet music per each song, it’s a tremendous value.

Kids Ministry people can also purchase the “White (Christmas)” CD, which has all the same songs, and get a license to make rehearsal CDs. Click here to learn more about that option.

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