Grandpa's Box by Starr Meade (Book Review)

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Grandpa's Box Book Cover
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Once in a while you come across a book that you just have to tell everyone about, and Grandpa’s Box is one of these books. Written by Starr Meade, it is styled as a devotional, but seems to be the perfect read aloud bedtime story.
In the book, Grandpa capitalizes on his grandson’s love of military strategy to introduce to his grandchildren, the greatest war of all time – that between God and Satan. The story is not scary, but rather very positive. It weaves throughout the story, God’s Promise of a child who will come and defeat Satan.
God’s redemptive love umbrellas every chapter. Each of the 42 chapters is a chronological retelling of Biblical stories. The scripture reference at the end of each chapter allows kids of the difficult “tween” age to see that each of Grandpa’s stories are Bible truths. Targeting 9 – 12 year olds, it is written in a manner that’s meaning can be grasped by younger children while keeping adults engaged as well.
The chronological order of the story lays out a clear understanding of events and has a great perspective on the timeline of the Bible. It gives a bird’s eye view to the greater story of redemption from Genesis through Revelation.
Following the military strategy is a great way to interest boys, yet the romance of God’s love and redemption is there for girls who are looking for the “happily ever after” story.
I would love to see a “box” created to use with the book that would include the wooden figurines from the stories. What a great hands on resource that would be!
“Grandpa’s Box” would make a great Christmas gift for boys or girls in the 9 – 12 age range, younger children, teens and adults, new believers and life long Christ followers. It is a great family devotional book and would make an intriguing Bible study for any age group. Consider using it as a summer alternative to Sunday school, giving teachers a vacation while kids enjoy and learn about God’s redemptive love from a wonderful perspective during Story Hour with Grandpa. A study guide is available, click here to download it.
It’s available at and for around $11. I would encourage everyone to order it today and get an extra one to give away to someone you love.

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