5 Point Strategy to Fight Preacher's Kids Syndrome

I am a ballet dancer — performed for years, taught for years, retired to begin a family, became a Montessori teacher while the kids were young, and finally decided to listen to God’s calling — placing me in ministry. My kids have all of the “benefits” of being a PK with no student loans without perfect credit score from years … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Serving Others" Summer Program Ideas for Kids

Planning a Serving Others Summer (SOS) can be a fun way to connect to the community, serve others, and bring the church family together. These are very  simple ideas you can carry out quickly. Print water bottle labels with a bible verse and your church information and pass out at a local parade or little league game. Serve a free hot … More Children’s Ministry Resources

New DVD series based on Spiritual Parenting

On the heels of her incredible book Spiritual Parenting, author Michelle Anthony has a new DVD resource series now available through David C. Cook Publishing. Dr. Michelle Anthony is Pastor of Family Ministries at ROCKHARBOR Church in Costa Mesa, California. A former professor at Biola University and Talbot School of Theology, Dr. Anthony has written over a dozen resources for … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Review Prayer Pups Christian Comic for Kids

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Jeffery Smith, author of Four Panels: A Prayer Pups Compilation and creator of the Prayer Pups, a Comic strip starring 5 adorable pups each sporting their own unique personality. This Christian comic is a fun way to introduce Bible truth to children. Several years ago, Jeff was working on a comic strip idea … More Children’s Ministry Resources

FLYTE – An Exciting New Bible Study Series for Preteens

Flyte, the new preteen curriculum from Lifeway is described by Lifeway’s Jeff Land on their website as “a curriculum to call their (preteens) own. If you ask them, preteens would tell you they’re not “in between” anything. They are facing puberty, drugs, sex, acceptance, and self-esteem issues every day. They do not need a “sophisticized” children’s curriculum, nor do they … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Godly Play: A Review & Introduction

As I walked into the classroom, I noticed the simple white shelves that blended right into the walls. I was drawn like a magnet to the materials on these invisible shelves. The different hues of the natural woods, the heft of the brass, the richness of the velvet. Each material was placed on its own tray, organized and respected in … More Children’s Ministry Resources

9 Things They Didn't Teach Me about Children's Ministry

9 Things They Didn’t teach Me in College about Children’s Ministry promises “practical advice, inspiring stories, and interesting interviews with others involved in children’s ministry.” This pocket-sized composition book look-alike is a cute little package, but inside, it’s spot on and sobering. Author, Ryan Frank, strikes a chord with statistics like “the probability of five-to-twelve-year-old children accepting Christ as Savior … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Long Story Short" Kids Bible Overview Book

Long Story Short is written to present a Biblical Gospel from cover to cover to aid parents in passing the Bible on to their children, day by day. To pass on a clear Gospel message showing children how every story in the bible points forward or back to the gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s story of salvation.” Author Marty … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Journey to the Cross, Group's Family Outreach for Easter

Overview: Journey to the Cross is a powerfully moving, multisensory family event that guides people along the path that Jesus walked during his last days on Earth. Activities focused on Jesus’ love and forgiveness demonstrate the real meaning of Easter: our risen Christ’s victory over death! Designed specifically for parents and their children to experience together, this even teaches about … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Ten Things Every Kid Should Know About God (Book Review)

This book begins with a personal invitation to the reader. “He is waiting… Not just for anyone, God is waiting for you!” Make no mistake, this book is about more than information. It’s about God and helping kids to know Him in their everyday lives. Ten Things Every Kid Should Know About God – Life Applications to Build Your Child’s Confidence in … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Spark Story Bible: Perfect for Reading Aloud

The Spark Story Bible, published by Augsburg Fortress is a hardcover 550 page Bible Story book for children ages 2 – 8. It is a great resource to consider for, not only the Sunday School classroom, but as a family treasure at home. The book contains 150 of the best-loved bible stories from both the new and old testament. Old … More Children’s Ministry Resources

New Children's Story Bible "The Big God Story"

“The Big God Story” is a children’s picture book beautifully written by Dr. Michelle Anthony, and exquisitely illustrated by Cory Godbey. A great enrichment resource to “Spiritual Parenting,” or a stand alone story for children to see God at work through history. The text is very simple and focuses on the flow of the story as opposed to great detail. … More Children’s Ministry Resources

New Book Helps Fight the Perfect Parent Syndrome

“It’s hard enough to train kids to behave, but good behavior isn’t what Jesus calls for in the Bible.” In Spiritual Parenting, author Michelle Anthony calls us as parents to “depend upon God for our children’s spirtual and moral development, urging us toward a heart posture of surrender and faithfulness. The end goal is a vibrant faith that is passed … More Children’s Ministry Resources

What You Should Know About Group's "Family Hour"

Group Publishing has something new for families. Their Fun-for-the-Whole-Family Hour is exactly that – an hourlong event for families to interact, share, discover, laugh, and explore together. This particular theme includes clips from the upcoming Narnia film “Voyage of the Dawn Treader”. Not just cost effective at $19.99, it is extremely efficient, with just the essentials necessary to host a … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"No Fairy Tale" Is a Dream Come True (Book Review)

As an avid lover of fairy tales and lover of the Greatest Story Ever told, this book jumped off the shelf at me. A beautifully written, exquisitely illustrated childrens book, “This Is No Fairy Tale” wonderously invites children to be a part of the happily ever after Jesus offers. Authored by Dale Tolmasoff and illustrated by Corbert Gauthier, the combination … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Passing the Baton (Book Review)

“If you’re a parent, you want your child to have a growing friendship with Jesus. And if you’re a Christian education leader, you want parents to be successful! But what do parents do? What do they say? Where do they start?” That’s where Passing the Baton steps in as a ten week church or parent devotional plan for leading your children to … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Grandpa's Box by Starr Meade (Book Review)

Once in a while you come across a book that you just have to tell everyone about, and Grandpa’s Box is one of these books. Written by Starr Meade, it is styled as a devotional, but seems to be the perfect read aloud bedtime story. In the book, Grandpa capitalizes on his grandson’s love of military strategy to introduce to … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Transition Plan: Passing on Church Leadership

How does a legendary pastor hand over his ministry to someone else? What are the secrets that saved his church from self destruction during the transition? How can this story help your kids ministry now and in the future? Keep reading to find out. Transition Plan, by Bob Russell and Bryan Bucher, is a very short, very succinct story of … More Children’s Ministry Resources