How to Get Preteens Excited About the Bible

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How to get preteens excited about the Bible.
**This is a guest post from Nick Diliberto from
Preteens often think the Bible is an ancient book that isn’t relative to their lives. Many believe that it is a list of strict rules to be followed.  As they begin to think for themselves, preteens might even question its authenticity. With so many options to fill up free time, like video games, baseball, dancing and other activities – reading the Bible isn’t high on many students’ to-do lists. However, if they really understood what the Bible is all about, preteens would get excited reading, understanding and applying its truths in their lives.
Here are some tips on how to get preteens excited about the Bible. These tips are meant to give you a framework in presenting the Bible to preteens.

1. The Bible is one continuous adventure story, written by God.

The Bible is an amazing adventure story. From beginning to end, the epic story of God, creation and mankind is told. Preteens love a good story, which is why movies like the Hobbit are so popular. When share the Bible as an adventure story, students get excited. And the best part is that the characters and events in the story are real, not made up. Wow!  Another really exciting truth is that the author of this amazing story is God, the creator of the universe. Yes, human authors wrote the Bible, but the God spoke to each of them and the result was one continuous adventure story.

2. Reading the Bible is the best way to get to know God.

The Bible is more than a book that tells a great adventure story. Reading its pages becomes a way for you to connect with God.  Think of your best friend. What do you enjoy doing together?  Have you ever noticed that the more you hangout with a friend, doing things you enjoy together, the closer you become? The same is true with God. When you’re reading the Bible, you are spending time with God. And the more you read it, the closer you become in your relationship with Him. It’s really amazing!

3. The Bible helps you live the best life possible.

Many think the Bible is a list of do’s and don’ts – a list of strict rules to follow. While the Bible does show you how to live life God’s way, its more than a rule book. Think of your favorite sport. Let’s use soccer as an example. Imagine if you are on a soccer team in a league that doesn’t believe in rules. No referee and no rules. You get the ball, someone tackles you, another player grabs the ball with their hands, throws it the goal and scores a point. All chaos breaks loose on the field. Everyone is arguing and getting injured. Rules in the game of soccer, like all other sports, are there for you to enjoy the game. Without them, chaos unfolds. It’s the same with the Bible, which is filled with God’s way of doing life. We often want to go our way, but God’s way is the best way. And when you follow His way, you enjoy the best life possible.These three tips are a starting point, not a complete list, of getting preteens excited about the Bible. There is a lot more to be discovered as students open the pages for themselves!

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