3 Mini Lessons About Giving

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Relying solely on the offering from your children’s church to keep things running isn’t a good financial plan in most cases. Kids don’t have access to the family finances and therefore, do not make decisions about how and when to give. However, those giving lessons need to be taught. (Jesus never shied away from teaching about honoring God with our finances.) Before I invite kids to bring their offering, I sometimes give a mini lesson to help them understand the importance of giving. The lessons I use teach kids two things; that when we give, we tell God, “Thank you for what you have given me,” and “You can trust me, Lord.”
Ideas for teaching children about giving in church.Taking the Cake
On the first Sunday of each month, we have a birthday party for all the month’s birthdays. I bring a small cake for that celebration and use this mini lesson during the offering, before we serve the cake. Here’s the little skit we use:
Dad: Look son, I baked you a cake. Do you want some? (Man presents the cake with a smile on his face.)
Son: Oh, that looks yummy. I’ll take it! (Takes the cake and walks toward the door of the classroom.)
Dad: Wait! Son! I was hoping we could share it!
Son: No, I’m not in a sharing mood. I’m eating the whole thing.
Kids are always shocked by this. I explain that God blesses us with many things, one of those is money, like for our birthday or sometimes, just because. When He does this, the right thing to do is share what He gives you with Him. We offer back a small part to Him.
Seed, Plant and Sow
For this mini lesson, one of my volunteers dresses in overalls like a farmer. She has a handful of sunflower seeds, a sunflower plant in a pot (a fake one will do) and an empty pot with just soil.
Me: Look everyone! Farmer Sue is here today!
Farmer Sue: Howdy everyone! I’ve got some tasty things to show you today, right off the farm.
Me: Awesome, let’s see them!
Farmer Sue: First I want to show you this pot of dirt. It may look like a pot of dirt but inside of it is a seed. When I water this seed and wait a while, I’ll see it grow.
Me: Amazing!
Farmer Sue: The other pot shows you this amazing plant I have. That’s sunflower! When it grows up high, it’s got tons of seeds that make tasty treats.
Me: Cool! What’s that in your hands?
Farmer Sue: Just some sunflower seeds. I’m not sure if I should eat them all or plant a few. What do you think?
Farmer Sue stands while the kids and I talk about sowing, planting and eating the seeds. We decide to keep a little and eat a little. I tell kids that’s what we should do with our money too!
Heaven’s Bank
For this mini lesson, I cover a shoebox with wrapping paper leaving a slot open on the top, kind of like a Valentine card mailbox. I slip money into the slot. I tell the kids this is a heavenly bank. What I give to this bank never goes away. It is stored for me in heaven where God protects it until He thinks I need it.
I love teaching kids about giving! It’s crucial to teach the younger generation about generosity and obedience to God.

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