Let Your Light Shine Again! (Kid's Club – Lesson #3)

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Kid’s Club lessons are great for children of all ages! This second lesson about letting our lights “shine” for Jesus will help children understand that everyone can serve God and lead others to Jesus.
SCRIPTURE: Matthew 5:14-16
MAIN IDEA: We should strive to “shine” as lights that point others to Jesus.
Mission Project (15 minutes)
MATERIAL(S): Computer paper, pencils/pens, crayons, markers
PREPARATION: Set out the materials so they are easy to reach.
WHAT YOU WILL DO: Say, “Last week we learned about letting our ‘lights’ shine from Matthew 5:14-16. What is our ‘light’ (Jesus, love, service, the gospel message, etc)? Did anyone practice shining their lights this week?” Give an example of how God used you to serve and love others during the past week. Then explain that a way we can show others God’s love is by writing letters of thankfulness and encouragement. Choose a group to serve (e.g. church volunteers, policemen, teachers, or parents) and ask the children to write short letters to the recipients. Be sure to help the younger kids who may not be able to write. In addition, write a verse such as 2 Samuel 22:33 – “It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure” at the bottom of every letter. Then children may draw and color a picture for the recipients.
 Shuffled Memory Verse Activity (15 minutes)
MATERIALS: index cards, small prize
PREPARATION: Write each word of Matthew 5:16 on an index card (including the scripture reference). Shuffle the cards and lay them out in random order either on a table or across the marker shelf of a dry erase board.
WHAT YOU WILL DO: Tell the children they will take turns racing to see who can put the verse’s words in the correct order! Time each child as he or she completes the task, and be sure to assign a helper to each of the younger children. Whoever puts the verse in the correct order the fastest is the winner and receives the prize.
“Shine for Jesus!” Skit (15 minutes)
MATERIALS: skit handouts (download attachment)
PREPARATION: Print a copy of the skit for each child.
WHAT YOU WILL DO: Explain that God made every person on earth unique (special), so we all have different ways to “shine” for Jesus! This skit will explore different ways to serve others. Assign groups and parts, doubling up on parts if necessary. Younger children may repeat their lines with the assistance of their helpers. Practice the skit and consider having each small group perform for the entire class.
Prayer Time (5 minutes)
Take prayer requests and ask for volunteers to pray. Close the prayer by asking the Lord to help everyone show the “light” of Jesus!

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