2012 Kidmin Blog Madness (2nd Round)

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Blog Madenss The first round was fun and several brackets came down to the final hours of voting. This round will end on Sunday night 25 March 2012.
>> The Final Round has begun, voting runs through Thursday 29 March.
The top pick in each division will move on to the finals. As always, feel free to endorse yourself or exchange some friendly taunts in the comment section.
The blogs are displayed according to their totals in the first round. Votes don’t accumulate, but it’s nice to see who had the early advantage.

Midwest Regional

  1. Jenny Funderburke
  2. Children’s Ministry Online (Kenny Conley)
  3. Justyn Smith
  4. About the Children’s Dept

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West Regional

  1. sam luce
  2. Jason Martin
  3. Commander Bill’s Blog
  4. Dustin Nickerson
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East Regional

  1. Jim Wideman
  2. Lemon Lime Kids
  3. Kidmin360.com
  4. Cory Center

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South Regional

  1. Kidologist.com
  2. Smalltownkidmin Blog
  3. West Coast CM
  4. GinaMcClain.com

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Big Surprises?

So far the we’ll have to go with Jason Martin as the ultimate “Cinderella” of this tournament. His blog was among the last four in but came out with a solid performance in the West division. Not far behind was Dustin Nickerson who began as a 13th seed. Don’t look for Sam “Spike Lee” Luce to have call off the hounds.
Another upset was the early exit of Wayne Stocks who had two different blogs advance to the Sweat 16 last year. Time for Mr. Ohio to build his email newsletter back to it’s former glory.
Two other underdogs pulled together a win. Cory Center finally realized this isn’t a hockey playoff and West Coast CM came out of hibernation just in time to pull the upset.
The most dominant performance so far came from Jim Wideman. He almost broke the century mark and might just give his “young guns” a lesson in old school blogging.
Defense? Yea, we’ve got that too. The Kidologist held off several tough challengers and came out with a decent margin of victory despite a low scoring contest.
Feel free to add your impressions and prize suggestions in the comment box below. Right now the leading suggestion is a bobble head in my image. This may be a little too Catholic for my taste, but I’m trying to keep an open mind.

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