Kids Ministry Blog Madness 2011 (1st round)

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It’s time for another epic contest to see which kids ministry blogger will become a champion. You may even discover a few new blogs you’d like to follow. We will have three rounds, mirroring the NCAA basketball tournament.
This opening round has closed, click here to see round 2. Then go rally support for your friends.
This is all just for fun, but there will a big prize. Hint — it rhymes with my dad and has the number two in it’s name. The official announce will come in the second round. This round will close on March 19th and the top four blogs in each bracket will advance.

West Regional

  1. Go Fish Guy (Jamie Statema)
  2. Lemon Lime Kids (Amy Dolan)
  4. Leader 2 Leader (Jim Wideman)
  5. Relevant Children’s Ministry (Dale Hudson)
  6. Life2gether
  7. Kidmin1124
  8. CM Buzz
  9. Creative Kids Pastor
  10. Sunday School Revolutionary!
  11. A Heart After Children
  12. SojournKids
  13. What Matters Now Blog
  14. Roger Fields
  15. Dick Gruber
  16. Molded
  17. Kid Trek

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Southeast Regional

  1. Kid Inspiration (Dave Wakerley)
  2. Children’s Ministry 1234
  3. Orange Leaders
  4. – Karl Bastian
  5. Justyn Smith
  6. Elemental Children’s Ministry
  7. Legacy Blog (Brian Haynes)
  8. Michael Chanley
  10. Inside Northpoint Kids
  11. JC is ONLINE
  12. Effective Childrens Ministry
  13. CentriKid Camps Blog
  14. The Thursday Blog
  15. Cap City Kids
  16. Jeremy Mavis
  17. Kids Pastor Cathy

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East Regional

  1. sam luce
  2. Matt McKee Live
  3. Dad In The Middle
  4. Children’s Minister BLOG
  5. Children’s Ministry Magazine Blog
  6. JamieDoyle
  8. Kids Ministry 101
  10. Family Regeneration
  11. Revival Fire For Kids Blog
  12. Acacia in the Desert
  14. Commander Bill
  15. Children and God
  16. Caroline Bergeron
  17. About the Children’s Department

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Southwest Regional

  1. Children’s Ministry Online (Kenny Conley)
  3. Blog (Nick Diliberto)
  4. Growing Kids Ministry
  5. The Inclusive Church
  6. West Coast CM (Anthony Prince)
  7. Free CM Stuff
  8. Scripture Lady
  9. Train Up The Child
  10. It’s a kids ministry Revolution baby!
  11. Christianity Cove
  13. Todd McKeever
  14. Small Town Kidmin
  15. Cory Center
  16. Glen Woods
  17. Victory Circle
  18. Joe McAlpine

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Seed selection was ranked based on our previous Top 100 ranking plus some adjustments for recent consistency.  The selection committee included only me. This was much more difficult than previous years and many good blogs just were left on the bubble.
If you’re not happy with your ranking, this is your chance to prove me wrong by turning out the vote. You can also leave a comment below to offer your feedback.

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