2010 Kids Ministry Blog Madness

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Round #1 is now closed and the top 16 blogs have advanced. Here is the link to vote in round two.

Vote for Your Favorite Kidmin Blogger

There are some great bloggers writing about children’s ministry. That’s why I put together the Big List of Children’s Ministry Blogs. It’s also why I complied the Top 10 Children’s Ministry Blogs last September. This post kicks off a friendly competition to let blog readers decide what is the top Children’s Ministry blog.

Here’s How It Works

Listed below are the top 64 children’s ministry blogs arranged in a four division bracket-style tournament. We will have three rounds of voting to pick an overall winner. This post is the first round. Sunday 21 March 2010 is when round #1 will close and the top picks in each division will advance.
You are free to vote your conscience. I would expect most people will vote for who they like or who most influences them. But you can also vote for the rival or your rival. The voting is restricted by IP address, so re-voting doesn’t help your cause. You are encouraged to stump for votes in the comments, on your blog, twitter, facebook, kids church, etc. Don’t be shy, I’m going to announce some prizes later.

Midwest Division

  1. jonathancliff.com
  2. Children’s Ministry & Culture – Larry Shallenberger
  3. Kidologist.com – Karl Bastian
  4. Elemental Children’s Ministry
  5. matt mckee live
  6. Lemon Lime Kids
  7. It’s a kids ministry Revolution baby!
  8. Dick Gruber
  9. Pastor Lori’s Blog
  10. Ragsstudio
  11. Mike Johnson
  12. Victory Circle
  13. Julie’s Journal – Julie Cantrell (writer)
  14. Thoughts on Children’s Ministries at Morning Star
  15. Children’s Ministry Blog
  16. Bible Drive-Thru

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South Division

  1. Children’s Ministry Online (Kenny Conley)
  2. Orange Leaders
  3. Ryan Frank
  4. JC is ONLINE
  5. Revival Fire For Kids Blog
  6. childrensministry.com blog
  7. iTODD
  8. JamieDoyle(dot)com
  9. Children’s Ministry Monthly
  10. West Coast CM
  11. Effective Childrens Ministry
  12. apPARENTly blogging (link fixed)
  13. Acacia in the Desert
  14. Adventures in Children’s Ministries
  15. P.B. & J.
  16. Children’s Moment

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East Division

  1. sam luce
  2. GinaMcClain.com
  3. Children’s Minister BLOG
  4. Justyn Smith
  5. Dad In The Middle
  6. krazy kidmin life
  7. Glen Woods- Children’s Ministry Conversation
  8. Scripture Lady
  9. Kid Crossings
  10. CapCity Kidz
  12. The LOGOS Ministry
  13. Kidmin360.com
  14. DiscipleBlog.com
  15. CM Buzz
  16. West Side Kids

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West Division

  1. Inside Northpoint Kids
  2. Jim Wideman
  3. [Kid Inspiration] – Dave Wakerley
  4. SojournKids
  5. Evan Doyle
  6. Smalltownkidmin Blog
  7. A Heart After Children – Brittany Sky
  9. Phil Vischer
  10. Free CM Stuff
  11. Compassion International Blog
  12. brennaphillips.com
  13. Childrens Ministry 1234
  14. Raising Modern-Day Josephs
  15. Life2gether
  16. Ministry Idea Studios

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Feel free to leave your feedback about the placements, or let me know who you expect to win. Just leave your thoughts in the comment section below.