Peace "Fruit of the Spirit" Coloring Page

Peace "Fruit of the Spirit" Coloring Page
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This free coloring page for kids continues our series on the Fruit of the Spirit. Don’t miss all our free lessons based on this passage. Each will show contemporary scenes where the spiritual fruit from Galatians 5:22-23 relate to real life. These coloring pages would be ideal for Sunday School, Kids Church, or at home with your children.
This particular image shows a young girl looking outside her window at stormy weather. The peace that comes from God’s Spirit can give comfort in frightening situations.
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3 thoughts on “Peace "Fruit of the Spirit" Coloring Page”

  1. Hello, I a Sunday school teacher and I feel I have hit the Jackpot for my children…. I have only skimmed over the website but I really like what I see.. I want to thank you for ALL of this HARD WORK and Effort to make this simple… Have A Blessed Day,

  2. I appreciate having this lovely coloring page for my preschool Sunday School children. I am teaching about the fruits of the Spirit. This is a beautiful drawing about the peace that Jesus gives even in the midst of the storms. Thank You!

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