Learning the Bible: Pizza Object Lesson

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I believe in object lessons! Especially visual lessons that involve food, like pizza. If you want to grab kids’ attention and teach them a valuable lesson about learning the Bible, try this pizza object lesson. It is a good idea to have some pizza on hand for snacking later, after the teaching.
Supplies you’ll need:

  • Pizza recipe on an index card
  • Pizza crust
  • Pizza pan
  • Jar of sauce
  • Shredded cheese
  • Pepperoni


  • Chef’s hat
  • Fake mustache
  • Apron
  • Rolling pin

Say: Today we will learn how to make a pizza! I’m not sure how to do it so I am going to use a pizza recipe; luckily I found one. This one is from Italy’s top chef! Aren’t you excited? Let’s see, the first thing we need is a pizza crust. Check! I’ve got one! You know this pizza crust is like a foundation. You can’t have a pizza without a sauce, can you? No! That would be crazy. Trying to live life without understanding the 10 commandments and the Golden Rule is crazy too. You need a spiritual foundation to have a good life.
Next comes the sauce. The sauce reminds me of the books of Psalms and Proverbs. You smooth the praise (smooth the pizza sauce on the crust) and wisdom over your life and it keeps everything in place. Singing praises and understanding wisdom make life so much more, well, flavorful.
Guess what comes next? Yep, the cheese! We sprinkle it everywhere, like the Word of God. When we sprinkle it into our lives, our heart will receive it and all the good things in the Word come into our life. We can love more because the book of John tells us God is a God of love. (Sprinkle on the cheese.)
Lastly, we have the toppings. I love pepperoni but you can add lots of other foods too like pineapple and bacon. The toppings are the first thing you see, right. Most people decide if they want a slice just by looking at the toppings. When people look at your life do they say, “I want to live like him or her?” If you show patience and gentleness which are a few of the fruit of the Spirit then yes they will. However, we can’t have good toppings or the fruit of the Spirit without knowing God’s Word.
So you see, learning God’s Word is important. His precious words don’t just affect a few things, they can influence your whole life. Who wants some pizza?
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