Bible Lesson: Reviewing Philippians

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This lesson is a review for the lessons on Philippians 1-4.  It allows students to recall what they have been learning and for the teacher to clarify any misunderstandings or confusion about the lessons.  Please adapt this optional review lesson for your ministry’s needs.

Bible Passage: Philippians 1-4
Bible Story Title: Reviewing Philippians
Target Age Group: Ages 9-11 (3rd-5th Grade U.S.A.)
Target Time Frame: 60 Minutes
Original Teaching Context: Sunday School
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Supply List:  Bibles, cut-outs of different types of gems with numbers (1-19), brown paper bag (or some other item for students to ‘mine’ for gems (with the numbers on them), Memory verses on construction paper place around the room, CD player (to play music and stop for the memory verse ‘musical chairs’), ring pops,
Learning Goal: Students will be able to demonstrate what they have learned from the study of Philippians by participating during our review questions.
Learning Activity #1:  Put a large piece of paper on the wall and draw layers (representing strata layers).  While students arrive have them write or draw a truth they learned from studying Philippians.
Learning Activity #2: Memory verse musical chairs.  Play music and have students walk around the room.  When the music stops they recite the verse they stop at.
Memory Verse: Review Philippians memory verses:  1:6, 2:3-4, 3:14, 4:4

Bible Lesson:  Philippians in Review

The last five weeks we have been studying the book of Philippians. We have used our time studying this book learning the importance of making daily Bible study and prayer a priority.
Each time we study God’s Word and learn more about Him it’s similar to mining for gems. Each lesson we learn about God is a valuable gem. When we first become a Christian there are many things in God’s Word that aren’t easy to understand. The more we read, study and obey what we are learning we are going deeper into His Word. The deeper we find rare gems that we would never have found if we didn’t make daily quiet time a priority. It is exciting to learn new things about God from His Word! A person who mines for gems may go for hours or days without finding a new gem but when he finds it the time he spent digging for it is well worth it. Believers will find the time spent daily with God extremely valuable and will treasure it more and more.
We are going to spend time this morning reviewing gems or truths we learned from our study in Philippians. Next week we get to begin mining for gems in the book of Ephesians.
Begin the review game. Choose a student to come and dig into a bag for a ‘gem’. The gem has a number which coincides with review questions. The student can try to answer and if he/she needs help he can choose a volunteer. When the question is answered the student chooses someone to come and dig for another ‘gem’.
When the questions are completed, close in prayer.
Memory Verse Musical Chairs:  Set up the chairs for Memory Verse review musical chairs. Have verses posted on the wall for students to recite when they land on the coinciding verse.
Give students a ring pop at the close of the lesson.
Optional Review Questions:
1. What should be a daily priority for every believer? (Bible reading & prayer)
2. Who began a work in the life of a believer? (God)
3. When will God’s Work be completed in the believer? (When believers see Christ)
4. Name the two natures a believer has. (Sinful, Spirit-filled)
5. Where was Paul when he wrote Philippians? (Jail)
6. Who was with Paul when he wrote Philippians? (Timothy)
7. Who made it possible for believers to come into God’s presence without fear? (Jesus)
8. What is the first thing a believer should do to begin his/her quiet time? (Examine heart and confess any known sin)
9. Why should believers have an attitude of humility? (Jesus was humble)
10. Who is going to bow their knee and confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord? (Everyone)
11. How is the life of a believer like running a race? (Answers will vary)
12. How do believers train for the race? (Reading Bible, prayer, obedience, serve, persevere, pressing on for the prize)
13. Why do believers need to guard their hearts? (Because all they do and say come from what’s in the heart)
14. How is our heart like a piñata? (What we put into it is what will come out when we face difficulties)
15. When should we be anxious? (Never)
16. What should believers do instead of being anxious? (Pray)
17. What are things we are to think on? (True, honorable, right, pure, lovely, good reputation, excellent)
18. What did Paul learn to be in all of his circumstances? (Content)
19. Create a question from Philippians.

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