How will you make today matter?

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Tony Kummer looking up at an imaginary balloon ... it's a long story.
Lately, I keep asking myself the same question every morning.

What can I do today that’s really going to matter in the long run?

Without getting too philosophical, this little question aligns the day with my real values. This personal challenge helps me make little choices that define the most important issues. Here are the answers I’m banking on today:
I choose to love my family. This means building them up through kind words, service, and my own positive example. Today is a school day, so I’ll get at least 45 minutes of car time to make that happen for my kids.
I choose to make my work beautiful. Even the smallest tasks can become art and bring glory to God. When we do little projects the right way, it can make a positive impact in the world. So today I’m working on my lesson plan for this weekend, do I have the courage to do something amazing?
I choose to help others matter too. What if I could multiply good through my actions? What if my positive choices could be amplified across thousands of other lives? It’s Tuesday, so I’m about to email 25,000 readers and share this article for the first time.
I choose to follow Jesus’ example. I’ve listed this last, but it’s the impulse behind this whole list. He’s the supreme example of living for others. Every moment walking in his steps will never be wasted. I’m not sure where this one will lead today, but I’m excited to find out.
Now the reality check. Anyone who knows me offline can debunk this list in a few minutes. I would be a hypocrite to pretend like I always get these things right. That’s the problem with doing hard things, we often fail and need the grace of God to wrap around our puny efforts.
But what’s my other option? I could just give up and let the little frustrations of life push me around. Then, when it’s all over, I could hope that something good would be buried in the mess.
Let me know what you think, but I’ll keep trying to make today count.

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