Already Gone: A Must Read Book for Ministers & Sunday School Teachers

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Why your kids will quit church and what you can do to stop it

I recently wrote a review of a book at Christian Book Notes that I believe everyone in the ministry from children to senior pastoral ministry must read.Β  The book is entitled Already Gone by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer.Β  It seeks to answer why churches are struggling to retain students after they graduate highschool.Β  Their findings will shock you and most certainly cause you to rethink what you have been doing in your respective ministries at your local church.
If you have not heard of the book, please read my review.Β  If you have heard of the book, please pick up a copy today.Β  I personally believe that what they wrote needs to be read by every pastor, Sunday School teacher and parent who prays that their children would come to faith in Christ and remain in that faith.
Ken Ham graciously allowed us to interview him in a three-part series we will be featuring after the first of the New Year.Β  Based on the information in Already Gone, as well as the interview with Ken Ham, we at Ministry to Children will be adding a new section of posts to hopefully help ease the problem of our children growing up and leaving the church.Β  Stay tuned to Ministry-to-Children for more information.

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