"Needs Versus Wants" Worksheets & Object Lesson for Children

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Needs VRS Wants Pictures
On Sunday in my Pre-K/K Sunday School class, we were learning about the parable that Jesus told about the rich fool in Luke 12:16-21. This is a great parable to talk about needs vs. wants. I created this worksheet so that I could discuss this concept with my young students. I started the conversation with talking about what we needed to survive. I then named off some things that we don’t need like toys and candy.

Then I handed out the needs/wants pictures page to each child. I had cut off the bottom blank portion of the page saving it for if we had time to do it. While the children were cutting out their needs/wants cards, I taped the needs/wants base onto the color of construction paper that each of them chose. After they were done cutting, I had the children take turns choosing a card to talk about. We discussed if the card was a need or a want. Some were questionable, depending on amount. For example, we need clothes, so it went in the need column. But, we also discussed that we don’t need to buy new clothes all the time.
I left the bottom portion of the cards blank so that the children can draw their own pictures of different items that could be a need or a want. Then they can write the word that matches the picture.
This was a big conversation activity and it was really enjoyable with my students.
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