5 Lies That Sabotage Children's Pastors

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5 Lies That Sabotage Children's Pastors
Negative voices tend to beat us down. They make us doubt our abilities, our anointing and even our calling. Sometimes those negative voices come from the people you serve (or their parents and grandparents) other times, those negative voices come from people you know outside the church and other times, those negative Nellies come from within your own two ears. Whatever their source, there’s little doubt who actual launched the cascade of negativism your way, it’s him, you guessed it. The enemy.
The good news is that there is “nothing new under the sun” according to King Solomon so thankfully, that old discourager doesn’t have any new tricks up his sleeve. The best way to beat back a lie that has the intention to sabotage your ministry is to reveal and deal with it. Let’s take a look at seven of the most common lies that sabotage children’s pastors. Please, this is not a complete list. Just my top five. I’ve experienced them all, y’all!
1. They don’t appreciate me. Nobody wants to admit this lie but it comes around often, doesn’t it.  I can guarantee that the voice that tells you that is nothing but the enemy. People do appreciate you and love you. You are a delight to the Lord. He is proud of you. Tell that lie to be gone in Jesus’ mighty name!
2. I am too old/too young to do this. Yes, age is important–not! Just ask Abraham, Moses and even Noah. Many of the biblical leaders we look up were over fifty before they went into ministry. I know the difference can seem stark when you work with kids but God doesn’t discriminate by age.
3. I can’t do this. I don’t know what I’m doing. Yes, you do. Let me help you remember. Love a child. Hug a child. Teach a child. Pray with a child. Repeat. That’s it. We make it so complicated. It’s not. It’s love, hug, teach, pray and repeat. All the extra is just extra.
4. My kids don’t listen to me. The voice that says that is definitely the voice of discouragement. You’re only with them one to two hours each week. That’s hardly suitable time to determine how much impact your making, how much kids are retaining. Trust God to bring the increase, just as he promised in his Word.
5. I’m not equipped to train others to work in children’s ministry. I’m calling that lie out right now! Yes, we are! We have everything we need. The fruits of the spirit, an understanding of the word, a relationship with Christ. We’ve got what it takes to mentor. Don’t be afraid to throw your cloak around someone’s shoulders. Mentor! It is a holy calling and you are made worthy through God!
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