Object Lessons with Food Coloring

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Food Coloring Object Lessons
In case you haven’t noticed, I totally love object lessons! Visual demonstrations of bible principles delivers the “wow” factor that every teacher wants. If you’re looking for some super-colorful lessons to share with the kiddos, you can’t go wrong with object lessons with food coloring. Bright colors grab the eye and keep kids spellbound. However, before you start squirting, remember that food coloring will stain clothing, even if its labeled “natural.” If you decide to use kid volunteers during these teaching sessions, make sure they are covered with a smock or an apron.
Loving Like God: Repetition and learning go hand in hand, don’t they? I think it’s a great idea to tell kids frequently that God loves them. This handy lesson will help you do that. For supplies, you will need two clean jars filled half way with water. You’ll need two long spoons and of course, food coloring. In one jar, squirt a few drops of red food coloring. Explain that this jar represents God’s heart–it’s big, red and perfect. This is how we loves us, with big, God love.
Next, show kids the second jar. Squirt a few drops of red in the jar and stir it. Explain that this is how our hearts should be but sometimes, we let unexpected things stain our hearts. Sometimes we get jealous (squirt in some green). Other times, we lose our tempers and say something we shouldn’t (squirt in some blue). And at times, we gossip or do other things that can change our hearts, making them less like God’s. (Add a few drops of yellow.)
Then say, “Let’s stir it up and see what happens! Oh no! Is that color like God’s heart?” Talk to the kids about how they can keep their hearts like God’s heart, pure and full of love. Give them some examples like repentance, loving others and worshiping God.
Drip Drop: This neat object lesson requires a foam posterboard, a brick or something to use as a prop and food coloring. Cover the demonstration table with a plastic garbage bag or tablecloth. Place the brick on the table and lay the board on it. It should make a slope. This drip drop lesson, teaches kids that they have to be vigilant about what they allow in their lives. Say, “You know, sin doesn’t just show up one day. It drip drops into our lives. Kind of like this.” Drip a few drops of the food coloring on the board at the highest side. The food coloring will drip down to the ends and stain the whole board. Explain that we have to keep resisting sin and stop it from spreading around our lives.
Have fun with these object lessons!
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  1. This object lesson will be very useful in teaching our little children about God’s love for all.

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